Period Title Name After leaving...
2001.04`07.03 AP Takao Aoki Waseda University (Professor)
2001.04`13.09 B,M,D,AP,Lec Hidehiro Yonezawa UNSW@ADFA (Senior Lecturer)
2001.04`04.03 B, M Takuji Hiraoka ELYSIUM
2001.04`02.03 B Junnosuke Yamazaki ELYSIUM
2002.04`07.09 M, D Kentarou Wakui NICT (Senior Researcher)
2002.04`06.03 D, PD Nobuyuki Takei IMS (Assistant professor)
2002.04`05.03 B, M Satoshi Koike Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
2002.04`05.03 B, M Ken-ichirou Yoshino NEC
2002.04`03.09 Sec. Megumi Sekimoto -
2002.04`03.03 B Takashi Komada -
2003.04`04.03 B Yasuyuki Hatsuda University of Geneva
2003.04`04.03 B Yusuke Mori TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION
2003.06`05.01 Sec. Naoko Kato -
2004.04`09.03 M, D Hiroki Takahashi University of Sussex
2004.04`06.03 M Go Takahashi Ricoh Company Ltd.
2004.04`06.03 B Hajime Arai UESEE
2005.04`06.03 B Takayuki Akiyama Central Research lab., Hitachi, Ltd.
2005.04`06.03 B Toshiki Hayashi Ricoh Company Ltd.
2005.04`06.03 B Daiki Moriyama Boston Consulting Group
2005.04`07.03 M Tadashi Kajiya ESPCIParisTech
2005.04`11.03 B,M,D Noriyuki Lee Central Research lab., Hitachi, Ltd.
Shigenari Suzuki Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
2005.11`06.01 VR Shihori Sakata ICRR, The Univ. of Tokyo
2006.03`06.05 VR Jonas Neergaard-Nielsen Technical University of Demnark
Mitsuyoshi Yukawa Canon Inc.
2006.04`12.03 B,M,D Yoshichika Miwa Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
2006.04`09.03 D Yuishi Takeno Toshiba Tech Corporation
2006.04`07.03 B Hiroshi Uchigaito Central Research lab., Hitachi, Ltd.
2006.08`06.10 VR Alexander Huck Technical University of Denmark (Associate Professor)
2006.11`06.12 VR Tiancai Zhang Shanxi University (Professor)
Hugo Benichi Google Japan Inc.
2007.04`15.03 VR Genta Masada Tamagawa University (Professor)
2007.04`09.03 M Hajime Arao Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
2007.04`08.03 B Yu Okano Graduate School of Science, Kyoto Univ.
2007.04`10.03 B, M Kouyou Nagashima Olympus Corporation
2007.04`13.03 B,M,D Ryuji Ukai Yokohama Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
2007.05`07.07 VR James G Webb Locata Corporation
VR Seiji Armstrong The Australian National University
2008.04`09.03 B Mikiya Ueda Corporate Directions, Inc.
2008.04`09.03 B Yuji Shimokawa Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, School of Engineering., The Univ. of Tokyo
2008.04`11.03 B,M Noriaki Iwata Accenture Japan Ltd
2008.04`11.03 B,M Daisuke Nakane Hitachi, Ltd.
2008.07`08.08 VR Trevor Wheatley The University of New South Wales (Lecturer)
2009.04`10.03 B Tomotaka Kuwahara Tohoku University (WPI-AIMR Assistant Professor)
2009.04`10.03 B Masahiro Yoshida Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
2009.04`11.03 B Takafumi Hawai High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
2009.04`14.03 B,M,D Shuntaro Takeda IMS(Research Associate)
2009.07`09.08 VR Alberto Politi University of Southampton (Lecturer)
2009.09`11.03 RS Sanae Iida Toshiba Corporation
2009.10`10.09 RS Siyu Song Tsinghua University
2010.04`12.03 M Kohjiro Iwasawa Central Research lab., Hitachi, Ltd.
2010.04`11.03 B Mamoru Endo The Institute for Solid State Physics, The Univ. of Tokyo
2010.04`11.09 B Akihiko Inoue School of Engineering., The Univ. of Tokyo
2010.04`13.03 B,M Takahiro Mizuta Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
2010.04`13.03 RS, M Priyasheel Prasad 0
2010.04`15.03 M, D Shota Yokoyama UNSW@ADFA
2010.04`16.03 B,M,D Kazunori Miyata NIKON
2010.07`10.08 VR Petr Marek Palacky University
2010.10`11.01 RS Mageri Filali Maltouf Mines Paris Tech
2011.04`12.03 B Shintaro Kurata IHI
2011.04`16.03 M,D Kenzo Makino Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
2011.04`16.09 B,MD Maria Fuwa The Australian National University
2011.10`12.08 VR Daniel Eppens Royal Institute of Technology
2012.04`14.03 M Chanond Sornphiphatphong Worldquant, LLC
2012.04`15.03 B, M Toshiyuki Kaji Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
2013.04`14.03 B Shunsuke Toba School of Engineering., The Univ. of Tokyo
2013.04`16.03 B.M Hideaki Ohdan NTT DATA
2013.10`13.12 VR Jasmin Meinecke Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics
2014.04`15.03 B Masahiro Taguchi Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
2014.04`15.03 B Ryosuke Nakamuira Fanuc Corporation
2014.04`15.03 B Kazuya Muramoto Capgemini
2014.04`17.03 B, M Takeshi Toyama Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
2014.10`15.03 VR Sylvain De Leseleuc Laboratoire Charles Fabry in the Institute of Optics
2014.04`14.08 VR Ilian Häggmark Royal Institute of Technology
2015.04`16.03 B Yuki Tanaka
2015.04`16.03 B Wataru Hirotani School of Engineering., The Univ. of Tokyo
2015.04`16.03 B Shota Yamazaki School of Engineering., The Univ. of Tokyo
2015.11`15.12 VR Dylan Mahler University of Bristol (Lecturer)
2016.04`16.08 SA Casper Breum The Technical Universoty of Denmark
2016.04`17.03 B Kohta Nakashima School of Engineering., The Univ. of Tokyo
2016.04`17.09 B Tomoki Tsukada School of Engineering., The Univ. of Tokyo
2016.07`16.08 SA Grégoire Noël The Ecole Normale Supérieure
2016.09`17.08 SA Filip Skarfelt Linkopings University
2017.02`17.04 IS Mikkel Larsen Technical University of Denmark