UTokyo-ANU Workshop on Quantum Control and Electronic Materials and Devices

February 28 - March 1, 2018 @ Lecture Hall, Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 11


February 28, 2018

10:00-10:35 @ Seigo Tarucha (The University of Tokyo)
gHigh-Fidelity Quantum Gates with Quantum Dot Spinsh

10:35-11:10 @ Ian Petersen (The Australian National University)
gThe Kalman Decomposition for Linear Quantum Systemsh

11:10-11:45 @ Yasuhiko Arakawa (The University of Tokyo)
gQuantum dots for advanced light sourcesh

Lunch Break

13:30-14:05 @ Chennupati Jagadish (The Australian National University)
gSemiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronics and Energy Applicationsh

14:05-14:40 @ Takahiro Sagawa (The University of Tokyo)
gSecond law of thermodynamics for pure quantum statesh

14:40-15:00 @ Daniel Jacobs (The Australian National University)
gDevelopments in Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics at the ANUh

15:00-15:20 @ Atsushi Sakaguchi (The University of Tokyo)
gConstruction of high-speed feedforward for realization of a cubic phase gateh

15:20-15:40 @ Syed M Assad (The Australian National University)
gMeasurement based noiseless linear amplifier and its applications towards a quantum repeaterh

Coffee Break

16:00-16:20 @Hao Jeng (The Australian National University)
gMeasures of Entanglement and Quantum Teleportation with Post-Selectionh

16:20-16:40 @Kazuyuki Kuroyama (The University of Tokyo)
gTowards entanglement transfer from a single polarization-entangled photon pair to a single electron-photon pairh

16:40-17:00 @Li Qiang (The Australian National University)
gIII-V/Si hybrid MOS optical phase shifter for optical modulator and optical switchh

17:00-17:20 @Yoshifumi Nakata (The University of Tokyo)
gApplications and constructions of random dynamics in quantum information scienceh


March 1, 2018

10:00-10:35 @Atsushi Noguchi (The University of Tokyo)
gHybrid quantum systems with surface acoustic wavesh

10:35-11:10 @Akira Furusawa (The University of Tokyo)
gTime-domain multiplexed measurement-based quantum computing for large-scale optical quantum computingh

11:10-11:45 @Antonio Tricoli (The Australian National University)
gMulti-Scale Engineering of Nanostructured Materials and Devices by Flame Synthesis and Aerosol Self-Assemblyh

Lunch Break

13:30-14:05 @ Masakazu Sugiyama (The University of Tokyo)
gPhotovoltaic 4.0 Next-generation renewable energy systems powered by high-efficiency, low-cost photovoltaicsh

14:05-14:25 @ Igor Vladimirov (The Australian National University)
gExponential moments in quantum control: large deviations, and robustness with respect to statistical uncertaintyh

14:25-14:45 @ Toru Yoshizawa (The University of Tokyo)
gLarge Deviation Analysis of Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesish

14:45-15:05 @ Rocio C Morales (The Australian National University)
gHarmonic generation from semiconductor nanostructures exhibiting Mie resonancesh

Coffee Break

15:25-15:45 @ Shingo Kono (The University of Tokyo)
gQuantum non-demolition detection of an itinerant microwave photonh

15:45-16:05 @ Jiri Janousek (The Australian National University)
gNon-classical Light Generation at Telecom Wavelengthh

16:05-16:25 @ Ingi Kim (The University of Tokyo)
gTopologically Protected Elastic Waves in One-Dimensional Periodic Systemsh


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