We are making researches on Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Science  at Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo.


Prof. Furusawa received Toray Science and Technology Prize 2014!!

G. Masada et al., Nature Photonics 9, 316-319 (2015)

M. Fuwa et al., Nature Nature Communications, 6, 6665 (2015)

Teleportation Network
S. Yokoyama et al., Nature Photonics 7, 982-986 (2013).

Methodology of ultra-large-scale quantum entanglement generation

S. Takeda et al., Nature 500, 315-318 (2013).

Featured in DIGINFO TV

Article on the website "2 Physics"


Dynamic squeezing gate (movie)
Upper panel: input
Bottom panel: output

K. Miyata et al., PHYSICAL REVIEW A 90, 060302(R) (2014)



Yamamoto, Semba Eds: Principles and Methods of Quantum Information Technologies
Lecture Notes in Physics (Springer)
Chap. 20: Optical Hybrid Quantum Information Processing
S. Takeda and A. Furusawa


Quantum States of Light (Springer)
A. Furusawa


Multi-Step Muti-Input One-Way Quantum Information Processing with
Spatial and Temporal Modes of Light (Springer)
R. Ukai


Group Photo


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