We are making researches on Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Science at Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo.
Program & Application
UTokyo-ANU Workshop on Quantum Control and Electronic Materials and Devices
March 25-26, 2020 at the University of Tokyo

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High-performance quantum light source for an optical quantum computer chip: Collaboration with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) (Mar.2020)

Group photo in Autumn at the large ginkgo tree in Hongo campus (Dec.2019)

Japan-Denmark seminar @Copenhagen (Nov.2019)

Furusawa Lab attended a seminar at Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen as a representative of Japan. It was held in the historical room which is seen in the framed photo. We believe that quantum mechanics was born in the room. Prof. Furusawa sits at Niels Bohr's desk.

"Generation of time-domain-multiplexed two-dimensional cluster state" appeared in Science and we made a press release!! (Oct.2019)

W. Asavanant et al., Science 366, 373 (2019).

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S. Takeda and A. Furusawa, "Toward large-scale fault-tolerant universal photonic quantum computing" was featured in Scilight !! (June 2019)

"On-demand photonic entanglement synthesizer" appeared in Science Advances !! (May 2019)

You can watch Professor Akira Furusawa public talk video at the Australian National University!!(April 2019)

Timeline by Michael Crichton was inspired by our quantum teleportation experiment!!

Loop-based photonic quantum computer

Prof.Furusawa received Medal with Purple Ribon!!


One-way quantum computing with an unlimited time-domain multiplexed continuous-variable cluster state

A. Furusawa
"Perspective on hybrid quantum information processing: A way for large-scale quantum information processing"
Journal of Optics 19, 070401-1-3 (2017)

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UT-ANU Workshop (February.2019)@Kioloa Coastal Campus

The 13th Japan-US Joint Seminar on Quantum Electronics and Laser Spectroscopy@Kanazawa, Japan (Sep.2018)

UT-ANU Workshop 2018 (March. 2018)

UT-ANU Workshop 2017@ANU

UT-ANU Workshop 2017@The Univ. of Tokyo

Prof. Furusawa received Toray Science and Technology Prize 2014!!

Continuous-variable entanglement on a chip

G. Masada et al., Nature Photonics 9, 316-319 (2015).

Experimental proof of nonlocal wavefunction collapse
for a single particle using homodyne measurements

M. Fuwa et al., Nature Communications, 6, 6665 (2015)

Ultra-Large-Scale continuous-variable cluster states
multiplexed in the time domain

S. Yokoyama et al., Nature Photonics 7, 982-986 (2013).


Deterministic quantum teleportation of photonic qubits by a hybrid technique

S. Takeda et al., Nature 500, 315-318 (2013).

Featured in DIGINFO TV

Article on the website "2 Physics"

Quantum-enhanced optical-phase tracking

H. Yonezawa et al., Science 337, 1514-1517 (2012).

Teleportation of Schrodinger's cat wave-packets of light

N. Lee et al., Science 332, 330-333 (2011).

Dynamic squeezing gate (movie)
Upper panel: input
Bottom panel: output

K. Miyata et al., PHYSICAL REVIEW A 90, 060302(R) (2014)


The book "Quantum Teleportation and Entanglemenet"
by Prof.A.Furusawa and Dr.P.van Look was published by Wiley!!

Chap.8: On-Demand Release of a Heralded Quantum State from Concatenated Optical Cavities
J.Yoshikawa, K.Makino and A.Furusawa

Yamamoto, Semba Eds: Principles and Methods of Quantum Information Technologies
Lecture Notes in Physics (Springer)
Chap. 20: Optical Hybrid Quantum Information Processing
S. Takeda and A. Furusawa

Quantum States of Light (Springer)
A. Furusawa

Multi-Step Muti-Input One-Way Quantum Information Processing with
Spatial and Temporal Modes of Light (Springer)
R. Ukai